For all industries and enterprises, works such as product stacking, loading and unloading constitutes a very important place. Organizations meet these operations with equipments such as the forklift and warehouse stacking machine.

However,it requires a serious investment to purchase the forklift and stacking machines for the of all organizations.

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Dilek Makina carries out the works in the ports in the country by its own staff....

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Dilek Makina provides rental forklifts operator with or a forklift or without making a forklift rental upon request of customers.

Advantages Of Operator Hire:

 • Employment-related legal expenses and extra work load are eliminated.
 • because of the services performed by a specialist, professional and quality service is provided.

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Since the attachments to be attached to the machines will cause a change in their original sizes and weights of the machine, also the load to be lifted will change, as well. The weight and dimensions of attachment can be obtained from catalogs of Firm, attachment of which will be attached. You will get the most accurate results If you put the values ​​you get from catalog the to the Excel table ythat you may download from below link.

Warning!!! Since it requires Excel program Microsoft Office program must be installed on your computer.

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